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Ombré Brows Fundamentals

Why Learn Ombré Brows?​

This technique has gained its popularity all over the world because of its soft finish and amazing healed results. To create the ombré effect, a handheld machine is used to place tiny dots of pigment into the skin. This process creates a gradient effect on the eyebrow that looks beautiful and completely natural. You can now take your technique to the next level and learn how to create these beautiful powdery ombré brows.


Permanent Eyebrows Makeup in Progress

Eyebrow Mapping

Why Learn Brow Mapping?

Brow mapping is an extremely important part of the brow shaping process that you cannot overlook. It not only allows you to find an ideal brow shape for each individual’s unique face shape but also allows you to create more balance and symmetry. Our comprehensive brow mapping technique will guide you on how to find the perfect brow shape for your client and how to address asymmetrical features in the face when trying to achieve symmetry in brow mapping, so don't miss out on learning our tips!


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