• Eyebrow Microblading cost in Delhi | Ren


    Thin crisp hair-like strokes that mimic natural eyebrow hair.

  • Eyebrow Microblading  Renuka Krishna


    Unlike microblading the PMU digital machine is used to create super thin nano strokes.

  • powder brows india ombre brows Renuka kr

    Ombre Brows

    Softly pixelated eyebrows that would not require to to fill them in with makeup every now and then.

  • Combination%2520Brows%252C%2520Microblad

    Combination brows

    An amalgamation of eyebrow microblading and ombre shading to achieve bold dreamy brows.

  • Eyebrow Microblading cost in Hyderabad R


    Natural Hair Line strokes by creating channels and impacting pigments.

  • Eyebrow Lamination India

    HD Brows

    Brow Lamination aka Brow lift to fluff and straighten up natural eyebrow hair.


Eyelash Extensions India

Eyelash Extensions

From super dramatic to classy natural we give it all. Tailor-made extensions set to suit your specific needs. After all, it's about looking perfect.

Eyelash Lift & Tint Training Course Indi

Eyelash Lift

Get perfectly lifted and curled eyelashes, which requires no refills for six weeks, with our eyelash gym.


Permanent Eyeliner

We understand how time-consuming it is to make the perfect wing everyday. Hence, we present permanent eyeliner stays for up to six-eight years straight.



Lip Blush Tattoo

For soft and super luscious lips, that require no effort what so ever. With a lasting effect of up to two years you are always good to go.



Semi-Permanent Foundation

 Achieve spotless, fair and evenly toned skin semi-permanently. Is not it all about looking perfect! 

high-frequency india

High Frequency

Make this your own.

A current that promotes blood circulation, oxygenation, and cell renewal.

Dermaplaning Course Delhi


Getting rid of Peachfuzz (Velus Hair), oil and dirt with a painless procedure.

Micro current Facial

Micro Current Facial

To 'work out' the muscles of the face, stimulate collagen, and tighten skin appearance.

LED Laser Therapy

LED Light Therapy

Heal existing blemishes, prevent future breakouts, and recapture a radiant glow.

Oxygen facial India

Oxygen Facial

Applying Pure and pressurized oxygen onto the skin and helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles.



Bridal Makeup

On the most special day of your life, we stand shoulder to shoulder with you. Our makeup not only enhances your beauty but also gives you immense confidence.



Hairline Microblading

For thinning hair around the temples and forehead. Our natural looking strokes rebuild your hairline creating the appearance of volume.

scalp microblading

Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation is a non-surgical hair solution that helps create fuller looking hair 

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